2-3 Years

Our Froggies group is for our youngest children, and here we aim to have a maximum of 15 children.

3-4 Years

Our Ladybirds & Butterflies group where we aim to have a maximum of 18 children.

4-5 Years

Our Busy Bees is our oldest group, where we aim to have a maximum of 20 children.


A world of wonder

Situated in a magical garden, The Parks Pre-Primary offers a warm, comforting, happy and stimulating environment for children that will encourage them to learn and appreciate the riches and diversity of life through others and themselves.

For over 25 years, The Parks has been a safe space and world of wonder for children aged 2-5 years. This beautiful preschool nestled in the heart of Parkview provides top-class education to our future leaders.


Children learn best through play & exploring

  • Experienced & Qualified Teachers

    Our experienced and qualified team of teachers ensure that the children attending The Parks are offered the opportunity to enhance their problem-solving skills, an appreciation of differences, unlock creativity, and build vital life and social skills.

  • Play-Based Curriculum

    Our play-based, flexible and diverse curriculum offers a mix of physical, academic, social and emotional, and creative areas which ensure well-rounded development of our children.

  • Whole-Child Development

    Our teaching concepts at The Parks combine the wonderful attributes of traditional whole-child development as well as Montessori and Reggio, creating a holistic and stimulating learning environment for our little ones to grow in.

  • Child-Led Learning

    We strive for a balance of teacher-directed and child-led learning, all within a safe space where our children feel supported, cared for, and loved. The process of doing is far more important than the end result.